Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Character test

Character test

I hope Sarah Mackinlay, editor of Total Politics, Iain Dale's new pet project, is not going to turn out to be as big a liar as Iain Dale?

"We all do it", she writes. Speak for yourself, luv. We all shit and piss, however, only those interested will engage in the activity she is referring to. And, whilst some might be furtive about it, I had nothing to hide. I searched on Google when I read in the Guardian that I was the most prolific prisoner litigant in modern penal history. Just checking for accuracy, and then without the word modern to see who it was of all time and it still came up with me. Naturally, I was chuffed at this discovery because it meant I am one up on Mark Leech.

It was this that grabbed my attention: "Companies like Beal’s monitor, manage and advise on how to improve your on-line reputation". And I thought that the McCanns on-line reputation is very tarnished indeed. So much for them employing Clarence Mitchell as their PR spokesman. He is able to manage the Mainstream Media to a large extent, but his influence on the new media counts for nothing. In fact, he has become something of a laughing stock.

This backs up what I have said in relation to the McCanns and their PR man:

"A positive reputation is everything to a politician, off- line it is considered so important that all messages are crafted with great care and every effort is made to ensure anything you don’t want published remains out of the public domain, and anything you do is used to its optimum. Off-line there is much more control over what is and what is not said about you, your politics and your message.

But the PR effort is given less consideration on-line with greater freedom, questionable accuracy and where there is far less control over what is written about you".

Only this morning I was reading a short post on Iain Dale's Diary, which supports the quote above in relation to politicians.

Sarah Mackinlay ends her article with 5 bullet points, but it's the 4th which interests me most: "A monitoring checklist: Sincerity - If you make a mistake apologise for it before on-line content spirals out of control".

This is advice which the McCanns should have heeded. However, it would appear that they are hell bent on refusing to admit to mistakes. Instead, they tried to attack those on blogs, forums and in chat rooms for criticising them. All this achieved was those on-line attacked them even more. On this test it just proves that the McCanns characters are flawed.


iain dale said...

Hi John, thank you for the advert for my new magazine. I'm dreadfully sorry for all the bad comment that I have given you in the past, let's hope that we can put that all behind us now, eh!

I had absolutely no idea that you were one of my ardent supporters. I have this evening posted to you a king sized pack of beef flavoured dog chews for that lovely little chap who you share a home with. They will, I must add taste to Rocky much better if you tell him that they are flavoured with the essence of "Dale's shinbone".

Kindest regards


jailhouselawyer said...

Ron: When my cursor hovered over the Iain Dale link it showed up as coming from his biography, this wouldn't be the case if it was really the man himself.

Sussed. LOL.